Sermon Notes

- Esther Chapter 7 & 8

No matter how difficult or desperate your situation seems to be, remember this – with GOD THERE is HOPE, when you take steps of faith and trust Him! GOOD NEWS – There is HOPE for you, even in your situation, even in these difficult circumstances that you find yourself in right now! GOD is HERE! ‘For Nothing is impossible with God.’ Luke 1:37 ‘God can do anything you know, far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request.

- Remembrance Sunday – Suffering

Is there any hope for the future? When life seems too hard to face – When bad things happen to good people – When evil triumphs over good – When death still stings and the grave seems to have victory. It’s difficult to believe in God when there is so much suffering and evil in our world! We struggle with so many Questions, which we don’t have all the answers to.

- Esther Chapter 6 verse 1 to 14

Don’t you think that God is amazing – the way He works things out in our lives in His perfect timing and for His bigger purposes? Esther Chapter 6 verse 1 to 14. Question: How well did you sleep last night? ‘That night the king could not sleep.’ Esther 6v1. 1: Do you really trust God – that He cares for you and all that you are going through – even though you can’t always see or understand what He is doing in your circumstances?

- Esther Chapter 4

Don’t just sit there – do something, seize the day, grasp the opportunity, step out in faith and take a risk. Make your life count for God and for all eternity! Esther Chapter 4 ‘For I am convinced that nothing, absolutely nothing, we go through in life, no matter how painful, how upsetting and distressing, nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our LORD.