Abraham - Genesis Chapter 18 v1 to 15

Believing GOD when He Promises You the IMPOSSIBLE!

It’s back in Chapter 12, twenty-five years before Chapter 18, that these Promises were made to Abraham and Sarai.

It’s hard to keep TRUSTING GOD – Keep believing – Keep praying – Keep serving – Keep following when there is such a GAP like this.

BUT things are about to change. GOD is about to breakthrough in Genesis Chapter 18. GOD reveals Himself to Abraham and Sarah and reiterates HIS Promises to them. This is going to be a Good Day!

1: When GOD makes us a promise – GOD always keeps HIS promise, and that’s a promise.

You’ve got to appreciate that this is NO small thing for this 99 year old man and his 89 year old wife. For them this is the most important thing in the whole world. It’s all they’ve ever wanted – ever Prayed for – ever Hoped for and Dreamt about.

They have wanted this more than anything else, they would have given anything – everything for this One thing, a child.

Question: Could they be setting themselves up for the biggest disappointment of their lives?

Question: Have you ever struggled with the Promises of GOD?

Question: Have you ever felt He has made You a specific promise – BUT?

Joshua Chapter 23 v14 to v15 and v21 to 45, ‘You know with all your heart and soul that NOT one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled, not one has failed. Not one of all the LORD’S good promises to Israel failed; everyone was fulfilled.’

Psalm 145 v13, ‘The LORD is faithful to all His promises.’

2: Our GOD has the power to make the Impossible – Possible. GOD can do it and GOD will. TRUST HIM v14.

Question: Is anything too hard for the LORD?

If you were Sarah, would you NOT have laughed too? An 89 year old woman who has Never, ever had a child is being promised by GOD, a child. This time next year, she and her 99 year old husband will have a child, a son, his name to be Isaac.

Impossible humanly – Biologically – totally and utterly Impossible. It couldn’t happen – could it?

BUT then this is the LORD – the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. This is the LORD the Maker of Heaven and Earth – the Maker of our bodies. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with our GOD. No IMPOSSIBILITIES with our GOD.

Mark 10 v27, ‘Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’

GOD always has the Power to do what He Promises – in Abraham’s life and in Sarah’s, and in Your life too.

Question: Do you need to hear GOD’S Promises to You and trust GOD’S Promises in your life today?

3: GOD’S Promises and GOD’S Power are available to us – BUT only when we are willing to step out in faith and take Risks to obey HIM.

We love those incredible stories that followers of JESUS tell us of God’s Power breaking through, when we take RISKS. That’s part of following JESUS. That’s part of hearing GOD and then stepping out, taking RISKS in faith that GOD will come through for you.

Think about Abraham and Sarah. Think of the RISKS they took leaving everything safe and everything secure behind – so they can step out in faith and pursue GOD’S purposes for their lives!

Think of the days, the months, the years when it seemed that GOD was SILENT and the promises of GOD were lying dormant.

BUT then this day came, this beautiful breakthrough day!

V1 ‘When GOD showed up and spoke into Abraham’s life, a fresh revelation of His promises and purposes.’

We want GOD’S blessings – BUT are we prepared to take RISKS to step out. Step out in faith – Trust the Promises of GOD – OBEY the commands of GOD, and then YOU will experience the Power of GOD in our weaknesses.

FAITH moves us from the possible (what we can do in our own strength) to the Impossible (what you can’t do in your own strength).

Question: Which will you choose today and every day?