Luke Chapter 11 verse 1 to 25.

So come on…Get ready…He is coming…Are you willing to believe what God is saying to you today?

When we pick up this story in Luke Chapter One, God has NOT spoken, even a whisper from heaven in something like 400 years (since the book of Malachi), last Book in the Old Testament. That’s a lot of silence. That’s a lot of keeping quiet.

BUT all of that is about to Change.

1: This is NO fake NEWS story…this is Gospel truth. You can totally believe it because it’s totally reliable, even in a world of post-truth politics like ours. V1-3.

‘I am writing you an orderly account of what Jesus accomplished and fulfilled among us. I am passing on to you this accurate compilation of my own meticulous investigation based on numerous eyewitness interviews and thorough research of the story of his life…so that I would reassure you beyond any shadow of a doubt the reliability of all you have been taught of him.’ V1-3.

Do you believe that this is a historical, reliable, trustworthy account of the life of Jesus Christ and are willing to read it and be changed by it?

2: Have you ever prayed about something over and over and over again and got NO answer…so you are so disappointed with GOD. V5-17

The Message of the angel is simple v13 – ‘God has heard your prayer Zechariah.’

Our GOD hears and answers prayer.

Q: What is it for you?

Q: What have you prayed for over and over again and again in your heart of hearts, yet you feel disappointed by God, let down by Him because that prayer has NOT been answered?

NOT YET been answered, maybe will NEVER be answered with YES that YOU have been hoping for.

Q: Is there disappointment in your heart today with GOD because of unanswered prayer?

Q: Would you be able to tell GOD how disappointed and hurt you are or could you share that with someone that you trust, so that you might receive Help and HOPE and Healing?

3: Can you really be sure that what GOD says is true and what GOD says He will do…that He will do? V18-25

People today are often sceptical of faith in God - of the Bible. It all seems so long ago and so far away.

How do we know that it’s true?

How do You expect us to believe it?

Tell me this: Q: How much do you trust the Bible?

Q: How much do you believe what GOD has spoken in this Book? These words are GOD’S very own words and we can either trust them and trust GOD who has spoken them – or We can doubt them and doubt GOD.

We only believe as much of the Bible as we obey.

You and I only believe as much of the Bible as we put into practice in our everyday lives and relationships. You discover whether you really believe the Bible when GOD puts His finger on something in your life that is NOT pleasing to Him and says: Are you willing to surrender control of your life to ME?

Q: Are you willing to do what GOD says, whatever it takes… whatever it costs.

Q: Are you willing to trust GOD for everything?