Esther Chapter 2 v19 to Ch v15

Sermon Notes – Esther Chapter 2 v19 to Ch v15

Life can be so unfair, so unjust with such suffering and pain – but God is in charge and God will work out His purposes through all the pain we are going through. Will YOU Trust Him?

Isn’t it frightening when you have done your work well and you don’t get recognised or rewarded for the good job that you’ve done.n fact others get promoted instead of you?

King Xerxes was the most powerful and influential world leader of his day – BUT as well as having many friends – he also had many enemies, even inside his own palace. V21, we’re told that 2 of his own ‘personal bodyguards’ who guarded his private quarters are ‘angry’ with him and plot to assassinate him. The plot is aborted this time, though actually king Xerxes is assassinated 9 years later in his own bedroom by people who are really close to him. It’s Mordecai who unearths the plot in verse 22. He has become a high ranking civil servant – holding some kind of public office v21. He reports this to Queen Esther who informs the king and the plot is discovered and the two men v23 are hung on the gallows – actually more like crucified – impaled on wooden poles. And all this is recorded officially in the presence of the king! Persian kings had a reputation of rewarding loyalty, so it is totally unusual and surprising that Mordecai’s good work goes unnoticed – unrecognised – unrewarded by the boss – the king!

Q: Regardless of how your boss treats you, will you go into work tomorrow to love and to serve God and leave the rewards to Him?

2: Isn’t it frightening that Satan can use one man’s wounded pride and anger to fuel such furious hatred and hostility against all God’s people?

Chapter 3 begins with this unexpected twist in the story. We read v1 ‘After these events: i.e. after Mordecai has saved king Xerxes life by uncovering the assassination plot – king Xerxes honoured – we’re expecting the name Mordecai – BUT NO – this new Chapter appears out of nowhere. Haman, the Agagite – he is catapulted into the position of Prime Minister – Second in command. And everyone is ordered by the king to bow down and honour him v2. And everybody in the court service does bow down and honour Haman – well everybody that is except for Mordecai v2. Mordecai’s work colleagues constantly, v4 asked him – why he wouldn’t do what everyone was doing. Sometimes as Christians in our workplaces, there are things that everybody else is happy to do – go along with – BUT in all conscience – because we love JESUS, we can’t. And if that’s the case we need to explain that to people, gently, humbly – NOT self-righteously or condemningly.

Q: Here in Esther Chapter 3 is this: Could this GOD who can save and rescue His people from destruction in this generation back in Exodus, could He save His people here in Esther Chapter 3. The Answer: Yes He can! Our GOD is mighty to save:

3: isn’t it true that no one in this world has suffered so unfairly and unjustly as JESUS and yet look how God turned His crucifixion into the means of our Salvation. Have you ever personally turned to trust Jesus as your Saviour? We see again and again in this Book that GOD is in CONTROL. It’s interesting to note that in verse 1 we read that Xerxes promoted Haman and set his seat above all the princes that were with him. The word ‘seat’ means a throne.Haman was in a position of high authority in Persia. He acted like a king. He thought he was greater than the king. However he failed to understand that there was a higher throne than his, a greater KING, a greater JUDGE, a greater RULER than he was! When his idea came to him to destroy the Jews, one thing he didn’t consider was that there is a GOD in Heaven, who is a GREATER RULER and GREATER KING and GREATER JUDGE. His Throne is in Heaven and No One can overthrow – overrule – or overcome! Haman thought he was invincible; BUT he failed to consider the GOD of HEAVEN. Haman set a day of judgement to destroy all GOD’S People – BUT GOD miraculously and mercifully turned that day of judgement into a day of deliverance and salvation.

Q: What a wonderful God – What a glorious Salvation – What an incredible Saviour? Have you ever personally welcomed and received Jesus as Saviour and Lord of your life?