God’s Love. 1 John Chapter 4 verse 7 to 21

Sermon Notes: God’s Love. 1 John Chapter 4 verse 7 to 21

There’s something inside everyone of us that longs to feel that we are truly valued, loved with affection, forgiven and accepted with all our obvious faults and failures. Deep inside every one of us there is a cry from the heart that we long to be loved!

1: The love God has for us is so incredible. Why would God love and care for us when at times we are so determined to have our own way?

Why does God love us so much?

Psalm 8 is right when it says, ‘When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars which you set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?’

Why would a God who is so big, care for us who are so small? Why would we be so precious to our God, so loved by our God?

Yet, the Bible tells us that God demonstrates His love for us in this one concrete action (JESUS died for us – to rescue us!)

Do you struggle to believe that God can actually love you as you are, with all your faults and failures and sins?

The Cross tells you just how precious and loved you are by God. Will you look at yourself again in the mirror of the Cross?

2: The love God has for us is so costly, so sacrificial. Why would He punish his own innocent Son so that we the guilty ones could be set totally free?

How do you measure love? By feelings – by words – by actions?

‘For God so loved the world.’ ‘God loved the world so much that He gave.’ His Son – His only child.

‘How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure.’ There is no one like Jesus, and our Father God loved you. Loved the world so, so much, that He gave Jesus – sacrificed Him, so that you and I could be saved and brought into this beautiful, family relationship with God and His Son, Jesus.

3: The love God has for us is so totally life changing.

Physically we’re going to die and spiritually, unless Jesus steps in and breaks into our lives and rescues us. He’s done everything that needs to be done.

Sometimes we think we’ve messed up too much in our lives, that we’d have to improve ourselves before God would ever accept us or want us. But the answer to that thought is NO!

The incredible love that God has for us is this – that we’re NOT too insignificant – you’re NOT to mess up, you’re NOT too sinful!

JESUS, just take me as I am, because I can come no other way. It’s the only way I can come, Lord!

Eternal life is about a relationship, a relationship with God. Jesus said this – ‘This is eternal life, that they know you Father.’ Jesus is inviting us into this lovely family relationship, with His Father God, so that we will experience the very life of God that’s offered to us in Jesus. We come by the way of the Cross and through His beautiful Son Jesus.

Do you believe it? Will you believe it and choose life today?