Pentecost Sunday. Acts Chapter 2:1-4 / 14-28

Sermon Notes. Pentecost Sunday. Acts Chapter 2:1-4 / 14-28

Today is the Celebration of the BIRTH Day of the Church and the GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT.

What those 120 disciples experienced on that first Pentecost Sunday in Acts Chapter 2, was not just a breeze BUT a Hurricane from Heaven. As the crucified, dead, buried JESUS was NOW gloriously and victoriously alive and Ascended to the Throne of Heaven – pours out the Holy Spirit upon the earth.

Suddenly, (Acts 2:1) Unexpectedly, those 120 disciples who have been in lockdown for 10 days and are ‘set on fire’ when the Holy Spirit of GOD falls upon them with power. They then overspill out onto the streets and into the Temple courtyard with Praise to GOD v11. And proclamation to the nations v14 who have crammed into Jerusalem for the great Jewish festival of Pentecost.

These nations hear the disciples declaring the wonders of GOD in their own languages v8, and it completely ‘blows their minds’. They are totally blown away!

Dr. Luke wants you to know that JESUS is alive and working powerfully in His world. That JESUS hasn’t gone away, hasn’t abandoned His disciples or us today. In fact by the coming of His Holy Spirit upon the earth JESUS is NOW nearer to them and us that He’s ever been – Closer to them and us than He’s ever been, when He was here on earth in a flesh and bones body. Then He could only ever be in One Place at One time with One Person or Group of people. BUT now on Pentecost Sunday the PRESENCE of the Living JESUS and the POWER of the Living JESUS by the coming of the Holy Spirit can be everywhere with every believer.

What these disciples are experiencing is Nothing less that the genuine Presence of the Living, Reigning, Ruling LORD JESUS who is pouring out His Presence and His Power upon His disciples. They are experiencing something that they had never experienced in 3 years of following JESUS.

The Book of Acts is telling us that JESUS continues to do and to teach by His Holy Spirit – through His followers all over the world to this very day. By His Holy Spirit we see JESUS moving, speaking, saving, healing, changing, transforming lives – bringing HOPE and LOVE and LIFE to people all over the world and also here in Lisburn as well.

The wonderful and surprising thing that GOD did on that first Pentecost – He can do again in our generation. Like Habakkuk 3:1 we join our cry to the cry of so many other believers across this land and world, ‘Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord.’ Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.’

So, on this Pentecost Sunday we NOT only to look back with JOY and celebrate the astonishing thing that God has done. BUT we passionately PRAY with one another and so many others, all over the world – ‘COME HOLY SPIRIT COME.’

As a Church we still want to passionately proclaim that JESUS is GOD’S One and Only Son and this world’s only Saviour. This is STILL our burning passion and desire.

KEEP pressing in for that! Never let that passion die!