Ten Commandments - Do Not Murder.

Sermon Notes: Ten Commandments. Do Not Murder.

1: Murder is a serious crime because once it is done it cannot be undone!

As a society we have lost that sense of the sacredness of a human life, the preciousness of human life, the value of human life. Violence is being pumped into our culture by so many different avenues. They say by the time a child grows up they will have viewed thousands of murders and acts of violence on television and at the cinema. How can young people make such sense of this when they have been repeatedly entertained by countless violent videos where people are shot to bits, thrown about like sacks of potatoes?

2: We alone in all creation are made in God’s image and in His likeness, that’s what makes us so priceless.

To murder another person is not only an attack on that person but it is a crime against God Himself, who made that person so wonderfully and uniquely in His likeness. We live in a disposable throw away society. We have disposable razors, contact lens, cups, but human life is never disposable, not for any reason, not under any circumstances, not for any political / religious aim. Life without God is cheap, but people made in God’s likeness are priceless.

3: We as Christians must speak up on behalf of people at the most vulnerable and defenceless times in their lives.

In Matthew Chapter 5 verse 21-26, Jesus makes a definite link between anger and murder. Anger is the seedbed of murder. Murder is simply the most destructive form of anger. Jesus takes this command and applies it to our innermost feelings and attitudes. Jesus identifies in Matthew Chapter 5 those angry, hurtful, spiteful, hateful, abusive things that we can say to or about someone. Has anyone ever said to you or you said to them, ‘I’d wish you never been born.’ ‘Drop dead!’ Those are angry words which we can use to tear strips of others, those are angry words that wound others, hurtful comments that cut others to pieces. We say if ‘looks could kill.’ I mean in a sense they can!

Ephesians Chapter 4:25, ‘In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold.’

The word anger appears 455 times in the Bible, in 375 cases it refers to God’s anger, His right, just, fair, necessary anger against injustice, lies, deceit and the ways we hurt each other and cause each other so much pain on planet earth.

Jesus Himself was enraged with justifiable anger with the moneychangers in the Temple. There is justifiable anger, but we must not sin! To be angry and not sin means that we must be angry at nothing but sin.

Have we committed murder in our hearts?

Have you committed murder with our words?

We’ve broken this commandment in one way or another, but the amazing thing is that God forgives.

Jesus’ blood washes away rage. God allowed His Son Jesus to be murdered so we could be given life, so we could be transformed.