Ten Commandments - Remember the Sabbath by keeping it Holy

Sermon Notes: Commandment No 4

‘Remember the Sabbath by keeping it Holy.’ Exodus 20:8-11

How to get the best out of God’s Day of Rest!

How many of you feel weary – tired – exhausted?

7 Days work makes one weak.

How to get the best out of God’s Day of Rest.

Would you agree with me that the pace of life is hectic? Yes! We talk of the Peak and the Rush hour and we’re always telling our children to hurry up! And get a move on. Our work and the demand upon us seem to grow more and more to actually fit into the limited time we have. Time is increasingly in short supply, and we spend a great deal of our time complaining about it.

How often have you heard yourself or others say: If only I had the time! There’s never enough time! I don’t know where the time goes! But how do you find the time? I’m pressed for time! I’ll try and find the time! Is that the time already?My how time flies! Could you fit in the time? Mustn’t waste time! I just ran out of time! I don’t even get time to think!

And we have all sorts of expressions: I haven’t got a moment to spare! There’s always so much to do! We’re flat out at the moment! No rest for the wicked!

Question: I wonder what kind of week you’ve just had?

What is the core principle in this command?

Commands 1 to 4 – Love God.

Commands 5-10 – Love people (Mark 12:30-31.

Protecting special time to delight ourselves in God and to enjoy His love and His Presence.

‘Keep the Sabbath day holy. Don’t pursue your own interest on that day but enjoy the Sabbath and speak of it with delight as the Lord’s Holy day – if you do this the Lord will be your delight.’ Isaiah 58:13-14.

Protecting ourselves from endless pressures and demands so that we can enjoy a day of rest and not feel guilty about it. Jesus said, ‘The Sabbath was made to benefit people.’ Mark 2:27.

What does God want us to do in this command?

1: To Remember the Sabbath v8, ‘don’t neglect to use it the way God intends it to be used.

‘Don’t pursue your own interests but enjoy, speak of it with delight. Honour the Lord in everything you do and don’t follow your own desires.’ Isaiah 58:13.

2: To work hard for 6 days each week v9. ‘Work hard, but not just to please your masters. Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.’

3: Take a total break yourself and give those you are responsible for a total rest one day each week. V10

  1. Make time to worship and delight yourself in the Lord who loves you.
  2. Make sure that you are rested, refreshed, recharged. (physically, emotionally and spirituality)
  3. Make time with your family and as family to enjoy each other and to strengthen those ties.

Why should I keep a day of rest as something special every week?

  1. Because God chose to do so as a model for us. V11
  2. Because we would be so much happier, and healthier and close to God, our families, in God’s family, if we choose to do so.