Sermon Notes

- Abraham - Genesis Chapter 18 v1 to 15

Believing GOD when He Promises You the IMPOSSIBLE! It’s back in Chapter 12, twenty-five years before Chapter 18, that these Promises were made to Abraham and Sarai. It’s hard to keep TRUSTING GOD – Keep believing – Keep praying – Keep serving – Keep following when there is such a GAP like this. BUT things are about to change. GOD is about to breakthrough in Genesis Chapter 18. GOD reveals Himself to Abraham and Sarah and reiterates HIS Promises to them.

- Abraham - Genesis Chapter 17

When GOD commits (covenants) to do something – He will do it! No matter HOW Impossible it seems and No matter what age you are. Do YOU believe Him? 1: No matter how old You are – You are NEVER too old to see GOD do something completely fresh in You and through You. Try and put yourself into Abram’s shoes in Genesis Chapter 17. He is a 99 year old man with an 89 year old wife who have NEVER had children together.

- Abram: Genesis Chapter 16

Abram: Genesis Chapter 16 Would YOU allow GOD to see YOUR pain and probe YOUR heart so that YOU can get a fresh glimpse of His goodness and greatness to YOU? Genesis Chapter 16 is about 3 people in all their Brokenness – Hurt – Pain. It’s about GOD searching and speaking and seeing ONE very vulnerable life and revealing GOD’S amazing goodness and His grace. It’s about where You and I can turn to when we want to run from our problems and run from our pain, rather than facing up to them.

- Genesis Chapter 15 verse 1 to 6

Do you believe in God, I mean really believe in GOD, deeply trust Him to keep HIS promises to you – even when these promises seem impossible? 1: GOD speaks to Abram. ‘The Word of the LORD came to Abram.’ This is the first time this phrase appears in the Old Testament and it will appear 100 times – 6 times in this one Chapter, God speaks. The LORD loves to speak to YOU – when YOU listen to Him.

- Genesis Chapter 14

WAKE UP CHURCH – There are spiritual battles going on all around us. It’s time for us to rise up and take action if we are going to see our families saved. 1: The battles and the struggles that you see in the world all around us – not only affect the people ‘out there’ – BUT they will touch and impact our families as well. v1 to v12. Sodom and Gomorrah are known in Genesis and in the whole Bible as particularly wicked and sinful cities.