Sermon Notes

- Ten Commandments - Do not make an idol of any kind.

Sermon Notes 2: Ten Commandments. - ‘Do not make an idol of any kind.’ 1: Today people make up ‘mental’ idols rather than ‘metal’ ones. Haven’t you heard people say – ‘I like to think of God as someone who? I ‘imagine God to be like?’ I ‘imagine, my God would say to me that it’s okay to?’ Someone has said, ‘that to fill God’s place with an image is like attempting to blot out the sun and substitute it with a 30watt bulb in it’s place.

- Ten Commandments - Commandment One

Sermon Notes 1: Ten Commandments Commandment One. ‘Do not worship any other gods besides me. Exodus 20:3. The Ten Commandments were given because of the relationship the Israelites had with the Living God. You don’t keep the Ten Commandments in order to have a relationship with God, you keep them because you do have a relationship with the Living God. The first Commandment forces us to answer the Question: Who’s Number One in our lives?

- Do Not Fear. John 8:31-47

Sermon Notes: Do Not Fear. John 8:31-47 How can I forgive myself when I live with so many regrets and am plagued by such a sense of failure? How can I get rid of this guilt? I can’t turn back the clock, I can’t take back what I said, I can’t change what I did / didn’t do. So here I am, years later, plagued, troubled, tortured by guilt and regrets.

- DO NOT FEAR - Matthew 10 v28-31

Sermon Notes: DO NOT FEAR. Matthew 10 v28-31 Do you ever ‘fear’ deep inside that perhaps no one cares for you – that your life is worthless – that you do not matter to anyone – not even God? Deeply rooted fears and uncertainties – we all have them and we all struggle with them. We have fears about finances, our jobs, our futures, fears about health, our children, and deep inside us we fear that perhaps no one really does care for us.

- Matthew Chapter 6 verse 19 to 34

Sermon notes. Matthew Chapter 6 verse 19 to 34 Are you anxious, worried, upset, even fearful in this current uncertain climate, that you will not have enough, and that God will not be enough to carry you through? Deeply rooted anxieties, fears and uncertainties, we all have them and struggle with them. we worry over our finances, our jobs, our futures. We are anxious about our health, our families, our children.