Sermon Notes

- People in Prayer. Moses – Exodus 33:7 to 23

Sermon Notes: People in Prayer. Moses – Exodus 33:7 to 23 When we read the Chapter before this, Chapter 32, you’ll see that it’s frightening just how quickly the people of GOD forget the Lord and all He has done for them. They had experienced so much of GOD’S amazing goodness, so much of GOD’S saving goodness in their lives, delivering them, rescuing them from a life of slavery and hardship in Egypt.

- People in Prayer (David) Psalm 51

Sermon Notes. People in Prayer (David) Psalm 51 How do you get back God’s JOY when you feel crushed and broken by sin and failure in your life? Today we’re looking at King David who messed up in the most horrendous and heart-breaking way, by committing adultery and having an innocent man murdered – 2 Samuel Ch 11 to Ch 12. King David is a godly man, a man after God’s own heart, a worship leader and a writer of many of the songs of the Bible, The Psalms.

- People in Prayer. Esther Chapter 3 v10 – 5 v2.

Sermon Notes: People in Prayer. Esther Chapter 3 v10 – 5 v2. Isn’t GOD so amazing and isn’t prayer so powerful? GOD can do anything, change any situation no matter how difficult or hopeless. So let’s pray passionately. 1: All around us locally and globally, God’s people are in great pain and distress. Don’t hide your head in the sand. Get informed and get into GOD’S Presence and intercede for them.

- People in Prayer.

Sermon Notes. People in Prayer. Job Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOUR heart was captured and captivated by a fresh vision of the Greatness, the Goodness, the Majestic power and compassion of our GOD? Our hearts would be silenced in awe and in prayer like Job! When You think of JOB, the ONE word that comes to mind is the word? Suffering! The whole Book of Job wrestles with the question – WHY?

- People in Prayer Genesis Chapter 32

Sermon Notes: People in Prayer Genesis Chapter 32 What if God loves YOU enough to wrestle with you because He wants to bring you to a place of fresh surrender, so that He can bless You? Here’s Jacob in Genesis Chapter 32, one of the most sleepless nights in his whole life. V11 – Full of fear. V7 – Stressed and distressed. V24 – Alone in the darkness. Unsure – uncertain what tomorrow is going to bring.