Sermon Notes

- The Ascension of Jesus

Sermon Notes: The Ascension of Jesus. Acts Chapter 1:1-11 What is the Ascension of JESUS? We know that it is something that happened to JESUS after His Resurrection and before the coming of the Holy Spirit – 10 days before Pentecost on Ascension Thursday. 40 days after Easter is when Jesus leaves His disciples here on earth and in His human body ascends up into the heavens to take His place at the Father’s right hand.

- When demands out strip Supply!

Sermon Notes: When demands out strip Supply! John 6:1-15. 1: The Compassionate heart of Jesus. Jesus had every reason to be frustrated with the crowd who won’t give Him a minute’s peace, but we get an insight into Jesus’ heart and feelings. We’re told in the other Gospel accounts regarding the same event, that He had ‘compassion’ on them, because He saw them as sheep without a shepherd. There are people in this crowd in John 6 with broken hearts, broken homes, broken hopes, broken dreams, and so when Jesus saw these people, it stirred such strong feelings and passion within Him.

- John 5:1-15

Sermon Notes: John 5:1-15. It’s amazing the different that Jesus makes as He walks right into our lives and our situations, and comes alongside us and begins to really work in us and speak to us! The pool of Bethesda was a well-known place of healing, periodically an angel from heaven would miraculously stir the pool’s waters and when this happened, the first person to get into the pool would instantly be healed.

- Who can help in this situation?

Sermon Notes: Who can help in this situation? John 4:43-54 Here in this passage we have this Royal Official, a top Civil Servant who is in deep desperation and distress. Why? Because his young son is at death’s door. 1: This man turns to Jesus at a time of crisis and great distress in his life. Verse 46-47. Jesus at this point is in Cana while this Royal Official lives, 20 miles away in Capernaum.

- John Chapter 4:4-26.

Sermon Notes – John Chapter 4:4-26. Imagine if JESUS was waiting here in St. Paul’s just to speak to you….What kind of ‘aches’ and ‘longings’ would He find in your heart today? Look at how JESUS loves and cares deeply for this woman. Look at how JESUS is lovingly pursuing this woman. Look at how JESUS looks underneath the surface and sees into her aching heart. Look at how JESUS speaks to her with such tenderness, such respect, and such care.