Sermon Notes

- Ecclesiastes Chapter 2

Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes Chapter 2 How can I find true happiness and real contentment in my life? ‘Seek your happiness in the LORD and He will give you your heart’s desire.’ Psalm 37:4 1: I just want to enjoy myself, be happy, have a good laugh and enjoy a good time. V1-3 ‘the few days of their lives v3. I will test you with pleasure, v1. Laughter I said was foolish.

- Ecclesiastes Chapter 1

Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes Chapter 1. Are you searching for some meaning, some purpose, some point, some direction to your life, in this busy, secular world of ours, that has no time for God? Does life make any sense to you? What is the point of it all? What is the purpose of your life? This Book was written 3000 years ago, and yet it’s still so powerful, it’s still so relevant, it has still so much to teach us!

- Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 1 to 11

Sermon Notes: Proverbs Chapter 22 verse 1 to 11. Reputation. I wonder what people would say about you? How do you gain the respect of others? Proverbs Chapter 22 reminds us to ‘Choose a reputation over riches, for being held in high esteem is better than having money. It’s something that you choose; it is a choice that you make. You can choose what people think of you! You choose the kind of reputation that you have by the way that you act, the way that you live, the way that you behave, by the way that you do your work at work, by the way you treat other people.

- Pentecost

Sermon Notes: Pentecost. What a day it must have been! The Apostles did their best to wait and watch for the promises of God, just as Jesus instructed them. But the kind of waiting they were asked to do was no ordinary waiting – they were waiting on God. It was the waiting room of all waiting rooms, because what followed was beyond anything they could ever imagine in their wildest dreams.