Sermon Notes

- Easter Sunday – John Chapter 20 v1-29

Sermon Notes. Easter Sunday – John Chapter 20 v1-29 I wonder have you ever asked yourself the Questions: 1: What proof would I need to really believe all this stuff about Jesus? 2: What would convince me that Jesus really is God’s only Son and this world’s only Saviour. 3: What evidence would you need to help you come to a place where you could believe that. 1: v18, Mary is the first person that John records who personally sees the Risen Jesus.

- Palm Sunday 2021

Sermon Notes: Palm Sunday 2021. Matthew Chapter 21:1-11 In Matthew 21 we join a crowd who have gathered outside the city of Jerusalem, who see and are there to welcome Jesus, the One they hoped would rescue them from their Roman oppressors. This is the One they’ve been waiting for, the One they know who’s been promised by God time and time again throughout the Old Testament. 1: Come join the crowds and let’s welcome Jesus into our town and lives as King.

- Habakkuk Chapter 3 verse 16 to

Sermon Notes. Habakkuk Chapter 3 verse 16 to 19 If God should take everything in life away from you, would you still love Him and trust Him? Habakkuk 3:16-19 It’s easy to trust God when the sun is shining – your job or business is going well, your health is good, your family is fine, you have food in your fridge, enough money in your pocket to cover the basics.

- Habakkuk Chapter 3 verses 2 to 16

Sermon Notes: Habakkuk Chapter 3 verses 2 to 16 Back to the future – How to prepare your heart for the hard times to come. Habakkuk NOW knows that the Babylonians are coming, these vicious, heartless, brutal people who will pillage, rob, steal, destroy everything and everyone in sight. They will carry back to Babylon men, women and young people who will never see their homes again. (Daniel and his friends were some of those abducted and forcibly marched off to Babylon)

- Habakkuk Chapter 2 verses 5 to 20

Sermon Notes: Habakkuk Chapter 2 verses 5 to 20 How you live and what you do to others matters to GOD, so listen to Him. Some people don’t care that much about God, don’t give a thought to what He says about how we should live our lives. But there is a day when Jesus will return to wrap up this world as we know it, and every one of us will be accountable to GOD for how we have lived our lives, here on earth and what we have done with Jesus.