Sermon Notes

- God’s Love. 1 John Chapter 4 verse 7 to 21

Sermon Notes: God’s Love. 1 John Chapter 4 verse 7 to 21 There’s something inside everyone of us that longs to feel that we are truly valued, loved with affection, forgiven and accepted with all our obvious faults and failures. Deep inside every one of us there is a cry from the heart that we long to be loved! 1: The love God has for us is so incredible. Why would God love and care for us when at times we are so determined to have our own way?

- God Listens - 1 John 5:11-21

Sermon Notes; God Listens 1 John 5:11-21 When you know for sure that God listens to you and to your prayers, you can pray with so much more confidence and conviction, knowing He will answer you, 1 John 5:13-15. Did you know that God listens? It’s such an incredible truth if you really stop to think about what we’re saying. We are talking about a God who keeps galaxies in motion, who organizes and upholds our entire Universe.

- What is the Church?

Sermon Notes: What is the Church? When Paul wrote to the Colossian people, he was writing to people he had never meant before. News had come to him that this little congregation of people had been growing in their new-found faith, in their love and walk with the Risen Jesus. And what Paul does in his letter to them, is that he lays out for them the bases of what it is to live a Christian life, and to live it day after day.

- (RESET) People of Prayer. Isaiah 62.

Sermon Notes (RESET) People of Prayer. Isaiah 62. In 1859 a Revival took place right across the world, but also throughout the island. In this Spiritual Revival it is estimated that something like a hundred thousand people throughout the island of Ireland were converted to Christ. That God stirred and awakened hearts with a whole new passion for Him. So our prayer is – Revive us again LORD.’ 1: Wouldn’t it be amazing to see God moving powerfully amongst us, and throughout this area in 2021, restoring life and joy to us His church.

- Acts Chapter 5 verse 42 to Chapter 6 verse 9.

Sermon Notes: Acts Chapter 5 verse 42 to Chapter 6 verse 9. When you read through those early Chapters of the Book of Acts, there’s this wonderful sense of God working, powerfully, transforming and changing lives. The seer amount of people coming to faith in Jesus is breathtaking. After the Day of Pentecost the church kept growing and being added to and huge amounts of people began to follow Jesus.