Sermon Notes

- Ten Commandments - Do not steal.

Sermon Notes: Ten Commandments. No8 ‘Do not steal.’ Exodus 20:15 Stealing is taking something without permission which belongs to another person. There are a number of words for stealing today: (theft – nick – robbery – burglary – shoplifting – hold-up – make off with – pickpocket – hi-jack) That says there are a lot of ways to break this commandment. 1: Why do people take things that do not belong to them?

- Ten Commandments. - You shall not commit adultry

Sermon Notes: Ten Commandments. No7 You shall not commit adultery’ Exodus 20:4 God is saying a strong NO to adultery because He is saying a strong YES to the exclusiveness, specialness, sacredness, preciousness of marriage. Nothing destroys marriages like adultery. Nothing shatters lives like adultery. Nothing breaks hearts like adultery. 1: Make a commitment to live by God’s way. ‘How can a young man keep his way pure?

- Ten Commandments - 'Do not testify falsely against your neighbour.'

Exodus 20:16, ‘Do not testify falsely against your neighbour.’ James writing 2000 years ago said that the tongue even though a small part of the body could do enormous damage. 2000 years later millions of tongues have proved the truth of that statement. 1: Why do I lie? It is a self-protection mechanism and self-defence mechanism I hide behind. Facing the truth about yourself is the most difficult and painful thing in the world to do.

- Joshua Chapter 1

Sermon Notes: Joshua Chapter 1. The Book of Joshua divides into the following: Chapter 1 to 5 – Joshua leads the people into the land. Chapter 6 to 12 – The battles they encounter. Chapter 13 to 22 -Joshua divides up the land. Chapter 22 – His final speech. Joshua was born into slavery in Egypt and may be around 90 years of age when we pick up the Book.

- There must be MORE to Christmas than being weary

Sermon Notes: There must be MORE to Christmas than being weary, worn out and totally exhausted. JESUS is the MORE we are all searching for! Luke 2:1-7. Question: Have you ever stopped to really imagine how utterly exhausted MARY must have been by the time she gave birth to JESUS on that first Christmas Day? ‘Mary and Joseph set off on this horrendous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem v4.