Sermon Notes

- DO NOT FEAR - Matthew 10 v28-31

Sermon Notes: DO NOT FEAR. Matthew 10 v28-31 Do you ever ‘fear’ deep inside that perhaps no one cares for you – that your life is worthless – that you do not matter to anyone – not even God? Deeply rooted fears and uncertainties – we all have them and we all struggle with them. We have fears about finances, our jobs, our futures, fears about health, our children, and deep inside us we fear that perhaps no one really does care for us.

- Matthew Chapter 6 verse 19 to 34

Sermon notes. Matthew Chapter 6 verse 19 to 34 Are you anxious, worried, upset, even fearful in this current uncertain climate, that you will not have enough, and that God will not be enough to carry you through? Deeply rooted anxieties, fears and uncertainties, we all have them and struggle with them. we worry over our finances, our jobs, our futures. We are anxious about our health, our families, our children.

- Fearless

Sermon Notes: Fearless. How can you learn to trust in Jesus and experience his peace when your heart is filled with so many fears? Matthew 8:23-27 and Mark 4:35-41 Fears, anxieties, worries, we all have them, we all struggle with them, we battle against them. Fears of insects, mice, dogs, the dark, heights, water, job fears, redundancy fears, financial fears, fears of test results from hospital and exam results from school / college.

- Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 – Chapter 12

Sermon Notes. Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 – Chapter 12 1: Look at life and seize the wonderful opportunities that God gives you in life. Don’t be afraid to take risks, God will bless you when you step out in faith. ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.’ What does that mean? It means, take a risk – seize the wonderful opportunities that God gives you!

- Ecclesiastes Chapter 8:11-9:12.

Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes Chapter 8:11-9:12. Sometimes when you look at life it seems so unfair. It just does not make sense! Do you ever get frustrated by the struggles of this life? Sometimes when you are going through a particularly difficult time in your life you feel as if there is no GOD, no one in charge, no one in control of things. Is that how you feel? 1: We get frustrated when we feel that wicked people seem to able to do all kinds of wrong and still get away with it!