Sermon Notes

- Ten Commandments - Do Not Murder.

Sermon Notes: Ten Commandments. Do Not Murder. 1: Murder is a serious crime because once it is done it cannot be undone! As a society we have lost that sense of the sacredness of a human life, the preciousness of human life, the value of human life. Violence is being pumped into our culture by so many different avenues. They say by the time a child grows up they will have viewed thousands of murders and acts of violence on television and at the cinema.

- Ten Commandments - Honour your parents

Sermon Notes: Ten commandments. Exodus 20 verse 12. How am I to honour my parents? It depends on what stage of life you’re in; how you apply this command. 1: As a child I honour parents by obeying and respecting them. Colossians 3:20: ‘Children, obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord.’ This command applies as long as you are under your parent’s roof. As long as they’re providing for you and you are dependent upon them.

- Ten Commandments - Remember the Sabbath by keeping it Holy

Sermon Notes: Commandment No 4 ‘Remember the Sabbath by keeping it Holy.’ Exodus 20:8-11 How to get the best out of God’s Day of Rest! How many of you feel weary – tired – exhausted? 7 Days work makes one weak. How to get the best out of God’s Day of Rest. Would you agree with me that the pace of life is hectic? Yes! We talk of the Peak and the Rush hour and we’re always telling our children to hurry up!

- Ten Commandments - 3: Do not misuse the Name of God

Sermon Notes: Ten Commandments - 3: Do not misuse the Name of God In Bible times and in many cultures still in our world today, names mean something. God feels so strongly about His Name that He puts this command in at Number 3 in the Top Ten things that He commands us to do in our lives. God’s Name is so precious, so sacred, so Holy, so special, because it represents to us who God is (His identity) What He is like (His character) What is important to Him (His priorities).

- Ten Commandments - Do not make an idol of any kind.

Sermon Notes 2: Ten Commandments. - ‘Do not make an idol of any kind.’ 1: Today people make up ‘mental’ idols rather than ‘metal’ ones. Haven’t you heard people say – ‘I like to think of God as someone who? I ‘imagine God to be like?’ I ‘imagine, my God would say to me that it’s okay to?’ Someone has said, ‘that to fill God’s place with an image is like attempting to blot out the sun and substitute it with a 30watt bulb in it’s place.