Praise Band


When: Tuesdays @ 8:00pm

St Paul’s Praise Band leads worship in St Paul’s Church Lisburn at its family worship services.

These services will be at 11:30am each Sunday, with the first Sunday of each month being a combined Holy Communioin service, bringing traditional and more modern worship together in one service.


St Paul’s Praise Band was set up in 2000 to lead worship at a new “seeker” service that was started in St Paul’s. These early days were a far cry from where we are now - we had an ex-metal guitar player who only knew power chords; we had a rhythm guitar player who had only picked up a guitar two months before; a drummer who’d never played a real drum kit and was using a 4 pad electronic drum kit; a shy singer; small congregations; no PA worth speaking of and no idea what we were doing!

As time went on, we developed very quickly. We learned how to be a real worship group, we obtained proper equipment, the roadie became a bass player, a real drum kit appeared, we moved from the church hall into the church, we got a dedicated AV system installed and from September 2010 we lead the praise and worship at the main family service each week.

The mission of St Paul’s Praise Band is to provide a contemporary style of worship for the people of St Paul’s and the community in which it sits. We are striving to provide a style of worship that will encourage young families into the church and into the family of God. It is our ultimate aim that through the worship we help to lead, people can come to a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

From September 2010 the service of the word, with worship songs/Hymns will start at 11:30am. Children can leave for SPC Kids (Sunday School) at around 11.50am after a short children’s address. Children will be accomponied to the hall by SPC Kids leaders.